• What is a magazine module?

The Magazine modules are a 30 page online magazine committed to sharing educational facts, crafts, activities, printables and interviews based on a themed subject with nature and the wild at its roots. It is available to buy via our online shop.

  • do you sell printed versions?

At the moment no. We believe in sparing the trees, but you can print the magazine module at home after purchase.

  • i loved the magazine, can i get involved?

Yes we would love to collaborate with you, we are always searching for like minded people and brands to include in our articles please contact us via our CONTACT page

  • can i advertise in your magazine?

Yes you can but we only work with a select few, you need to fit in with our niche, readers and ethos. Please feel free to discuss this further via our CONTACT page.


Our magazine modules are straightforward and easy to purchase and download see our ONLINE SHOP for more details. We understand that sometimes people are unfamiliar with purchasing a magazine online and we are happy to offer help and guidance when needed. We shall endeavour to  respond within 24 hours. Please use our CONTACT page for any technical questions.

  • what age is the magazine suitable for?

The magazine has been designed with a family in mind so facts, crafts and activities have a range of skill sets to either work together on or individually. I would personally say from age 8 to 108. Due to the nature of the magazine it has a vast array of DIY's and interviews with projects you can return to time and time again.


Yes, as bloggers ourselves we understand how blogging is important! We can only accept a certain number of reviews per magazine module and believe in working with like minded people and blogs that match our audience. Please get in touch via our CONTACT page so we can discuss it further.

  • what are affiliate links?

For us to continue to make affordable magazines and free content on our lifestyle blog for you to enjoy we earn a small percentage of any links we use via amazon and etsy these will be labelled AFFILIATE. These will only be used sparingly and in an appropriate manner to make sure your browsing is not faltered in any way.

  • your LIFESTYLE blog stand out, do you work with brands or individuals? 

Yes we do! We love sharing our way of life with our readers and happy to work with brands or small businesses that suit our audience and ethos. With travel, nature, creating a family home and education being our main focus. If your business does not suit our lifestyle blog my daughter has a colourful and fun blog and youtube channel on CHLOE ME JUST ME. Please feel free to discuss opportunities via our CONTACT page.