Weekend away in Brighton, brisk walks and pebbles

Recently we visited some friends for the weekend, they are the type of friends that when you haven't seen them in a long, long time you just pick up from where you last left off. Those friends I value most as it doesn't seem to matter what life has hit you with, they still accept you with open arms! Even though it had been the best part of two years, it felt like it was only yesterday we had last seen them.

We decided to book into a hotel and make a weekend of it and splash out, a little bit of luxury is nice to have especially when away from home. We were right on the sea front and it was just so relaxing to watch the waves crash. Mr Wilde sat at the end of the bed just gazing, he happily told me about how it brought back memories of living in his seaside town and how he was memorized by sea. He kept saying just one more wave to himself. I suppose you can never take away the surfer from the sea.

brighton weekend gazing out of the window

I must admit time away from my blogging duties and home education prep and organizing made a really nice change and a much needed rest and recoup. It made me realize that I had been focusing on numbers and not what mattered most, how I had got carried away in wanting a future that I forgot about the present. A little head space was all that I needed.

sea front view worthing hotel, child gazing out of window

I love these photo's both showing how we were captivated by the sea.

We decided to go for a walk on the pebbly beach and get all that sea air in our lungs. A bit of beech combing and family antics was our medicine for our over-worked and over-tired bodies.

father and daughter on the beach

It was a brisk walk but it really made you feel alive! The wind hitting your face awakens you, and as my daughter so eloquently puts it " Feeling it is living it" the mini Yoda with many wise words to say, she also has many other words to say and doesn't stop, but I like hearing her little life lessons... such an old soul.

feeling it is living it

My little magpie has a keen eye and finds the most wonderful things, our collection continues to grow.

mermaids purses

My daughter was so surprised to find so many specimens to examine and will become a project for our home education journey I'm sure of it.

shell treasures

She sees beauty in everything, I love her so much for her innocence and wonder, I hope she stays this way forever, her love of life and finding joy in the littlest of things makes me tealise how I miss so many opportunities to see and live life differently.

father and daughter

I adore the photos I took it captures the day, the weather and the mood, and even though it was not a day full of sunshine and warmth we still made it our own. 

crashing waves

We have promised ourselves more mini breaks away on the weekends as we enjoyed the adventure we had, how we disconnected from our normal routine and embraced something new. My only regret is that i'm not in any of the photo's as I was taking them and that next time I need to make sure I'm in at least one, as when you look back on memories I want my daughter to know I was there too enjoying our adventures too. 

kirate kid

I will leave you with the nut that is my better half. Although most see his quiet and reserved side I managed to capture his true identity! Yes! he is The Karate Kid!

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