Pumpkin picking in Warwickshire

After being captivated by beautiful photo's of pumpkin farms last year, we were lulled into trying one for ourselves. It didn't disappoint! 

Being incredibly aware of the popularity of picking your own pumpkins we made sure we went early, the first moment it opened... infact we were one of the first customers! This meant we could have a delightfully quiet roam around and of course have first choice of the pickings 

pumpkins photography by Tracey Witts

We never knew there were so many varieties and names of pumpkins. My daughter asked a vast amount of questions such as when were they planted, how they were harvested, and what certain ones were called. A valuable learning experience and a family outing combined.

pumpkins photography by Tracey witts

The small white pumpkins were aptly named boo which my daughter took great fondness to the name. Ive always wanted some small munchkin pumpkins for decorating and crafting, you can see what we made with them on my craft blog.

pumpkin photography by Tracey Witts
pumpkin photography by Tracey Witts
pumpkin photography by tracey witts

We were quite impressed with the amount of pumpkins our local farm had. It doesn't usually open to the public except for events like pumpkin picking so it was a real treat to see a working farm in action, the farm will be open for the run up till Halloween here is the website for further details if you are near Warwickshire it's definately worth a visit.

pumpkin photography

Although I love all the photo's I took and in particular how poignant the above may look as my daughter walks through the masses of pumpkins, something a photo does not show you is the smell, the pumpkins don't have a pleasant scent something my daughter was surprised by, what you don't see is her holding her nose as she walked through.

pumpkins r us warwickshire

There was also a section all decorated for Halloween, It had quite an eerie feel almost Harry potter in essence with Hagrid's Aragog climbing the faux walls.


We loved the idea of picking our own pumpkins and seeing all the varieties and shapes, sizes and colours was quite an eye opener for us.

pumpkins r us warwickshire

I would definitely recommend visiting your local farm and go pumpkin picking, it's a much better experience than just going to your local supermarket and buying a generic sized pumpkin that is more than likely not edible. Also an opportunity to support a local business or a farm gives a far greater feeling than supporting a large chain.

picking the best pumpkin

Chloe had chosen our pumpkin to carve for Halloween, although we don't actually celebrate the holiday we do like to carve a pumpkin and also bake, that has become our tradition and is more of a celebration of the autumn months.


We finished off our afternoon and visited our local Harvester which is my daughter's favorite place to eat, mostly because she enjoys the salad bar so much.

hygge lighting

I loved the lighting and the calm mood we all seemed to have, something that has taken us a while to achieve as my daughter struggles with anxiety, its only now she can venture out without the extreme panic attacks she used to have. A family meal may sound quite normal for some but for us it's a luxury and this is why everything is an adventure for us... even the simpler things seem wild and wonderful!

harvester meal.

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