Our November - A home educating Life

It is now officially two years that we have been home educating and I can now truly say we have found our feet and have our own path. It was never anything that I had considered before or knew much about to be honest and I'm sure many people like myself had preconceptions of what a home educator is. When I tell people that we home educate I either get a surprised and somewhat puzzled look followed by the hum drum of uneducated questions that gets quite tiresome after a while, what about grades and school? what about her socialization? have you got the right qualifications to teach your child? the last one sends shudders down my spine.... where we live in a society that we need to be qualified to teach our own? that a complete stranger is entrusted with your child every year? I'm not against schools, it has just not worked for us, but I do not enjoy the fact many think that teaching your own child is wrong and pursue to correct your own chosen path.

I have found this year to have more of a positive outcome with others opinions on the topic, lots more people are home educating and I find myself deep in conversation and find out that most of the time they know someone or a relative is home educating, the idea of education at home seems to be slowly becoming acceptable in society or at least known. They then chat with my daughter and apart from one or two trying to outsmart her (notice I said trying) with a mountain of school like or mathematical questions they are enlightened by her endearing personality, her ability to be incredibly social and able to hold a very adult like conversation with confidence. Regardless of what the population thinks of our choices they suit our needs and most importantly my daughters and needless to say my daughter's confidence and abilities have improved and I love the young lady she is growing into.

eating out

November has been about visiting more places as my daughters confidence has grown and her anxieties are lessening, two years ago we were prisoners in our own home or the very idea of going somewhere as a family would of caused allot of stress and heart ache, enough to think we shall never go out again! So much has changed and so many friends and family are noticing a huge improvement in my daughter's capabilities to cope out and about and how she can adapt and the confidence she has now is so remarkable. Hence why our blog is called Wild lived as we are venturing out more and no longer caged away. 

autumn leaves

We embraced the outside and Chloe adores the autumn and even though it was coming to an end we were still out jumping in leaves and throwing them up in the air. In art class she had just finished her autumn leaf painting and now she is working on a winter wonderland which was her idea as she was first to finish and now the whole class is following suit. Chloe is very much like me in ways, coming up with constant ideas, I love the way she can now express her ideas without any anxiety attached and she really doesn't care what people think of them, she can say what she wants and learns what works for her socially. That right there is something very special to me, how she is now able to do this and be her, just her without the anxiety battles. I'm not saying her anxiety is diminished, she has autism and PDA so there will always be a struggle but the very fact she is learning how to cope and adapt and able to express her thoughts is like magic dust!

lantern parade building

We made lanterns for the annual lantern parade, this is the first time I have actually come and took part as I was always working weekends and now that I am a full time carer which was what was needed I was able to be part of it. The struggle to work and run a business and be a carer was not a good mix at all, and when I let go of what was expected of me and did what is needed of me my world has greatly improved. Chloe chose to make a minecraft youtuber and she did all the little details to perfection.

lantern parade building with chloe me just me

You can't have lantern building without the mucking around either! Some of our friends came too so Chloe was in good spirits and wanted to make everyone smile. Which she usually does. My daughter has been vlogging on her you tube channel so you can see the out come here:

We also visited a engineering fair which is held every year in Coventry Rioch Arena and we wanted to visit but heard it can get busy so we chose a Sunday morning and was pleasantly surprised as it was not so overwhelming as we first thought. Chloe was captivated by the activities and enjoyed the robotics club, just 1 more year and she can join but we were so impressed on how she just 'got it' and worked all the robots, I can't believe what clubs are available, I just wish they took on younger ones like Chloe as she is so advanced for her age and never quite fitted in school. There was also allot of aerodynamic experiments which Mr Wild enjoyed, I did film our day but haven't got round to editing it as my little youtuber is keeping me on my toes!

engineering fair

We also visited the local gallery which has a number of exhibits on suited for the family, Chloe enjoys going on a Sunday as we find ourselves being the only ones there on most occasions.


On the same day we also visited the motering museum we are surrounded by culture in Warwickshire so rich in history and knowledge and for discovering. 

motering museum coventry

Like I said this month has been full of days out! Chloe's ability to cope and thrive outside is amazing and she seems happier out and about and experiencing new things.

I had also decided to let go of my craft blog as the gravity of work was piling on top of me and I lost sight of why I started it in the first place, many people think I'm just nuts to say goodbye to something that was very successful and earning me money. But my heart wasn't in it anymore, my daughter's future was much more important to a business that I should of left a long time ago. Its clear now how we should move on, maybe I needed to get it out of my system to realize that. I'm not cut out for this crazy social media world, well I am but my responsibilities lay else where and that's why keeping something going with that momentum was always going to spiral out of control. I could spend my days saying what if, but that isn't going to change our circumstances and how our life is. Chloe's Dreams are in the making and I really want to support that spark I see in her eyes.

To end a perfect November we were invited by my lovely online friend Maggy from Red Ted Art to film in You tube space London! Yes that's right! You have to have over 50k subscribers to film there so to be there as guests was a wonderful experience and something my daughter would never forget! It was all set up for Christmas and Maggy was filming in the biggest set. Chloe very much felt like a VIP for the day! It was a day of meant to be's as I don't travel well on my own and London petrifies me! and I knew hubby wouldn't get much time off work! so I was worried that I would have all those nerves travelling, but it just so happens that he had a day off on the same day to escort his brother to a hospital near by as they go every year together. See FATE! 

me and chloe at youtube space london

Here is a gallery of some of the set and what Chloe got up to on our visit:

We got to meet Maggy from RED TED ART


Natasha from NATASHA LEE

Here is our behind the scenes video:

Chloe was also a guest youtuber on Red ted art's channel and took part in a blindfold challenge which you can see here:

We really feel so lucky and can't believe what an amazing day we had it really made our November a very memorable one we even visited a London museum afterwards and learnt about the London bridge fire!. Home educating has made it possible for Chloe to travel and go places when it's not too busy and learn in a way to suit her needs. We have also found that she enjoys her video making so much and she wants to pursue creating a youtube channel and learning about editing. Thank goodness I can teach all that quite easily! 

Follow my daughter's Youtube journey Here is her website which I re-designed: Chloe me just me

So we had a very fulfilling November, you may like to read what we did in October: