Our home educating life: January

I always find January such a slow start after having a long and much needed Christmas break. Our pace had slowed down and hibernation mode was still switched firmly on. It was very difficult to get Chloe motivated and excited about learning again. I knew we needed to go out more and just have some adventures.

This is where my brilliant idea of vlogging started really, without getting too complicated in explaining about PDA, basically Chloe can find suggestions demanding so if I said let's go out here.... a resounding NO! Will be followed but when I started talking about filming things for the vlog she found that interesting and would suggest places to go for the footage! For us that makes half the battle of going out much easier and the anxiety is taken away with a focus and a hobby both Chloe and I now enjoy. Of course the main idea was to improve my own anxieties which I explain HERE and I can now successful say that we have vlogged an entire month and are still going strong.

So January was all about going back out into the wild after being caged up at home for so long. Our weekends are 100 % family time and we make sure we fill them with fun filled memories as Mr Wild works long hours during the week. We started our adventure visiting Stratfords butterfly centre, mainly so I could play with my new Cannon G7 camera but was Chloe's choice, It has recently changed and has be extended so we were eager to see what was on offer. As always getting up close and personal with the butterflies has that magical feeling. This time Chloe being a little older, wanted to read up more on the species.

butterfly photo

We also found out there was harp playing going on in Warwick and a chance to have a go yourselves, Chloe loves harp music and I knew she would appreciate this, as it was next to the Lord Leycester hospital which is a historic group of buildings and due to the wet weather no one was visiting. We decided it was a great opportunity to explore it, having the buildings to ourselves means that Chloe can walk at her own pace, not be stressed and enjoy and take in the surroundings. We did just that! 

lord leycester hospital warwick

You can see our first week here which shows the butterfly farm and the historic building much more than what a photo can do. 

We have started an online learning capsule called the Global guardian project its full of captivating images, global stories, videos, podcasts, art projects and challenges to inspire and educate the entire family on environmental responsibility and social change. Something Chloe and I feel passionately about.

learning capsule global guardians project

With its mix of interactive projects of videos, podcasts and printables it gives Chloe lots of visual content to understand and take in and absorb at her own pace she is so compassionate and global minded even at this young age!

global guardians project

Sadly our two very young guinea pigs died, we had only had them for 5 months and I had bought them as a way for Chloe to connect with animals on anxiety driven days. They were well looked after, handled well and cleaned regularly, they were popcorning and doing their usual happy squeaks the night before. They both looked terribly sick in the morning and we rushed them to the vets, ginger couldn't cope with our 10 minute walk and never made it, Bert was put to rest hours after. The vet was so confused as they looked well fed and the coats were clean. Chloe handled it well on the day but was so deeply saddened and we keep getting bursts of tears and questions, mainly the why and how, its her first real experience of death of someone close and her comprehension and loss has effected her. We haven't had much sleep since.

pet guinea pigss

That had subdued our month and Chloe's ability to learn, her motivation had taken a knock back and my 'lets do this attitude' slowed down. But I didn't want to get in that trap of stuck at home and feeling sorry for ourselves so I persisted with going out and keeping busy. We still did learning but in a very gentle and non demanding way. The good well, I should say, amazing part of home education is the flexibility we have to slow down or change in order to deal with what life throws at us.

harry potter studios at christmas

Something that I booked a while back and although expensive (carers go free by the way) was a trip to Warner Brothers Studios the making of Harry Potter. There is snippits on our vlog (below) but i'm intending on writing up a full post about our visit as I have an array of photos and footage that I need to share, the problem is which ones to show you as I took so many! Around August last year Chloe had started to read Harry Potter and her love for the stories grew, so over Christmas we watched all the films, she is now captivated and has become an avid fan, her love for reading grows and we read in the mornings and in the evenings together and sometimes inbetween.

We have stopped at a number of cafe's and restaurants, some with friends but mostly just the three of us as we have been viewing houses. I have been feeling incredibly isolated where I currently live, there isn't a home ed community as such and you are expected to drive to out of the way places for meetups and events all of which I cannot do as I don't drive. We have been at areas that we know of several communities and places we can visit to enable Chloe to live a fuller life and have more things available to her at our doorstep but are constrained by me not being able to drive and having to be a 30 minutes drive for hubby, the choice is very slim.


So even though it is nearly the end of february, our January was subdued by the loss of our pets and the desperate need for a change. So if in doubt EAT CAKE!

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