How to make and organize a photo wall display

Do you spend hours on pinterest like me browsing living space ideas and inspiration? Looking at how to display all your treasured photos and bespoke prints? I have been quite drawn to the idea of having a collection of frames in all shapes and sizes on my wall to give a striking and visual impact, that adds interest to a plain and uninviting wall. 

how to make a photo wall display

I think I have managed to create just that and re-vamp many old frames which were stashed away in my cupboard all needing a bit of paint so they could coordinate with each other. I had a butterfly frame from IKEA and a beautiful quote from BOOKISHLY that married everything together.

how to display photos on a wall

Even though it is a simple project it justs adds so much personality to what was once a plain and boring wall, the peg board frame was once red and a sale buy from just after valentine's day, my husband bought it knowing that I would like it and would probably change the colour to fit my needs. 

create a wall display

I love the clear glass frame which was a gift and I have put feathers inside that Chloe has collected on our nature walks, to her they are magical and her eyes light up every time she finds one. When I look at this frame this is what I see and remember and it never fails to make me smile.

how to make a feather frame

My bedroom is still calm and peaceful but has a little more of who we are injected into the walls, I plan on adding polaroid style photos onto the little pegs and maybe adding more individual frames to the collection eventually.

photo display wall

Ironically we are considering moving home to a place more closer to a home education community, so all the little projects I have planned will just add to the value of our property and hopefully help sell our home if we decide to follow that route. It is actually a good project to do as small finishing touches like this really helps with the house selling process (let's just say we have moved our fair share of times over the last decade)

bedroom wall

I also added another butterfly print into an IKEA black Ribba frame to add a bit of interest to what was a boring dark corner of the room, paired with my wicker lights which was also an IKEA buy. I think it links the two walls quite well and from my visual merchandising days it "marries" them together a term used very often.


I would really be grateful if you pin any of my interior ideas as it is a passion of mine and I hope to continue to offer little DIY projects and home posts here. I have so many I would like to try.

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