How to make light bulb nature baubles for Christmas

We love bringing nature indoors and Christmas we embrace it even more so, by collecting cuttings of holly and fir tree leaves and many other wonderful treasures found when foraging.

We were kindly gifted these beautiful glass like light bulb baubles from  Ladybug home Crafting Etsy shop, who by the way is a lovely friend thanks to the world of online blogging. 

glass baubles from ladybug home crafting

These light bulb baubles have an easy removable metal top so you can place beautiful creative items inside. We were asked to come up with an idea to showcase their capabilities and as we decided to bring the outside inside with our nature finds.

For this project you will need:

  • Light bulb baubles
  • Nature cuttings

That's it! I love a simple craft that looks so effective!

light bulb bauble christmas craft

Simply unscrew the metal lids and carefully place in your nature finds, you could use tweezers if you would like to be delicate.

light bulb christmas ornaments

They look so festive and I can't wait to put them on our first ever real Christmas tree!

light bulb christmas decorations

What would you put in yours? I was tempted to fill some with faux snow and add miniature christmas things inside like a mini tree too!


Light bulb christmas tree decorations

I really am happy how they turned out and didnt take much time to make! Such a simplistic project but yet so effective.

how to make a glass lightbulb christmas ornament

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