Enjoy the little things - conker collecting

Sometimes the best adventures we have had and my most savored of memories are the little things, just everyday ordinary moments that made my heart skip a little, making it feel extraordinary! Far to many people are too busy to just step back and take in what is happening right in front of them, our new way of life allows the slower living and we enjoy our time together. I take photo's so I can keep and reminisce what made me smile that day, if I could keep it in a bottle and re-live it... I would.

conker collecting

This day was one of those days, just your average conker collecting as a family. I was recently told about a lovely street that stretched into the distance with hundreds of conker trees as far as your eyes could see. Being the curious family we are, we had to explore for ourselves and sure enough this street existed! I could tell you about the beautiful gated houses that I know in our lifetime we would never afford but the Pinterest perfect idea of living was not why I loved our time so much.

conker collecting in the UK

It was just the walk, the three of us holding hands, the quiet street with falling leaves, the golden shine of the sun and us all wrapped up warm in our cosy coats. Jumping for joy every time we found a splendid specimen that will be added to our collection and the happy little face of a child living her childhood like she should.

conker collecting

So for us..... little things weigh far greater than the bigger things in life, those tiny moments that to some, are so ordinary but to me they are special, they made us smile and that smile can be worth 1000 words.

making a wish

A quiet Sunday was spent collecting conkers, wondering round the local market, sitting on a bench in the park and feeding the birds. Those days are slow lived, those days capture our meaning of being a family, Those days make me feel whole.

market stall antiques

You don't have to go far to have an adventure, everyday is one! You just need to open those eyes and have a new perspective.

market stall

I plan on capturing as many moments I can so I can look back on, but some you just have to live them, experience them and there is no time to capture it.

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family conker picking - live the little things

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