Colouring together and being connected

The winter months are closing in, the evenings are darkening, we all start to hibernate inside our homes, draped in knitted blankets, candle light and roasting fires. I find winter a wonderful time of year when family time deepens and becomes a predominant part of our lives. Reading and creative activities take over our household from baking to crafting and sitting huddled up reading books and sipping hot chocolate.

A new found joy was colouring together...

colour together colouring book

The popularity of adult and child colouring books seems to continue to grow! We have a few colouring and activity books as we like to draw and colour in the early evenings, my daughter always encourages us to join her and quite rightly so, its not just for children its for all ages. This gives us time to unwind, enjoy our company together and relax.

colour together: nature colouring book

We were recently gifted a beautifully illustrated book called  "Colour together: Nature" and suited our lifestyle to the ground and our appreciation for nature and wildlife. It is a colouring book for both child and adult with a nature inspired scene spread across two pages, one page being larger designed (like a close up) so easier for the younger colourists and the other being smaller with much more detail involved, thus creating a book for both parent and child to colour together, I love the concept and the very idea behind it, about doing an activity with your child as opposed to just setting one up for a child, if you know us then you would be aware of how close we are and how important we deem doing things as a family together, This book does that.

colour together nature colouring book

I can also see it working for brothers and sisters with one older child and one younger or two different levels of colouring or attention span perhaps. Rather than having two of the same books, a book to share with a page each to do together, growing a bond with siblings and how sharing can work.

colour together

I can also see it work for partners or friends sitting on a table, over a cup of tea and chatting about their day, can you imagine it?

I think this is a unique book and gives us another channel to connect. I'm looking forwards to doing more pages with my daughter but also have found my husband has enjoyed sitting down with our daughter and colouring and chatting, He chose the eagle page and was quite proud of his shading technique!

colour together colouring book

For more information about Colour together please visit:

I hope we have introduced you to something that you may not of known of before and a little bit different. We really value what our readers think and take time to select collaborations with brands very carefully.

So who is going to start colouring together?