Blissful blustery winds: A window into a magical world

We were having one of those quiet Sundays, you know the ones, where you just sit around and have a large cooked roast dinner. I'm not really the type of person that just lazes about all full and satisfied sitting idle. Twiddling my fingers and feeling restless, completely homebound the urge to escape and break out emerged and I started to plot my next move.

image from womans magazine

image from womans magazine

As I gazed out into the window I could see the blustery winds crashing through the trees which were swaying to a loud whistling tune. I knew my suggestion of a brisk walk would be  followed by an all resounding no by the two lounging, who were content in watching the My little Pony Marathon on TV.  Although Mr Wild will never forgive me for this, he was fully engaged and his eyes never moved from the screen!

Chloe was sat dressed as a griffin with her winged cape inspired by the recent episode and then it dawned on me, If i were to plant a little seed of suggestion, that would be all it takes to get outside. Chloe has a very complicated form of autism called PDA and those who are in the know it is extremely difficult to suggest or prompt a spur of a moment activity, especially one with a quick transition from indoors to outdoors and a little drive ahead. My terminology has to be just right so I said crossing my fingers tightly  "would you like to trial your wings? it's windy enough you might just fly" Sure enough Chloe's eyes widened and a smile full of imagination enraptured her face! That's all it took and the rest is history.

Using the wind as a positive force we searched for a kite to make our walk more exciting, I had the perfect place in mind for our Sunday afternoon walk....Chesterton Windmill.  South of Leamington Spa just off an old Roman road called the fosse there is a very unique windmill which was perhaps built as a folly rather than a working and functioning windmill, surrounding by breathtaking views of countryside and greenery an ideal location for a griffin to take first flight.

Chesterton windmill warwickshire

It's any photographer's or filmmakers dream to shoot here, not that I am claiming to be either! Although I love capturing the beautiful scenic views and moments we have together, it is a perfect spot to take a family photo. There is enough parking for a few cars and it is a FREE place to visit and spend an hour. The inside of the windmill is only open a few days in September it is managed and cared for by Warwickshire council.

chesterton windmill warwickshire0

So with bated breath we took off to the Windmill location and aside from a photographer we had the grounds to roam to our heart's desire, as I have said in our first ever VLOG video, that people especially us British people tend to stay in on cold, rainy or windy days. We have found to have magnificent landscapes and awe-inspiring heritage buildings to ourselves to explore, you are truly missing out on amazing experiences all tucked up inside.

kite flying at Chesterton Windmill Warwickshire

With blasts of blistery breaths, a blanket of dark, gloomy clouds, a murmur of rain we dared to venture onwards. Our determination paid off and a piercing blue yonder encompassed the heavens. Allured by the enchanting and bewitching scenes Chloe was almost hypnotised by the seductive force of the winds pelting across her body. A sensory seekers delight. We stayed at our whimsy and left feeling refreshed and energized and buzzing about our experience.


It seems so strange to actually just describe a perfect family moment, it was so simple yet we all needed that time. I urge you to go outside together more as it really does replenish the soul, take deep breaths and just enjoy the outdoors and listen to your senses, feel the flutter through your fingers, let your hair dance and tassel and tangle. Chloe's way of experiencing life and how she see's things is so beautiful and innocent, whenever she opens up the window into her magical world we are truly captivated and never want to leave. 

Enjoy those fleeting moments and live in a way that works for you and your family, to me this is the most forfilling thing in life you can do.

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