Our Autumn art project

Creativity for our family is a very big thing, myself from a background of art and design and animation to a hobby of crafting and running an etsy shop in the past, to doing commissions for magazines and also helping to create content with my daughter for CHLOE ME JUST ME (a very colourful and fun website which captures my daughter's personality and style) My husband having followed a similar art and design and animation background is now a games designer so it's only natural that Chloe loves art and has that very same creative spark that we do.

pumpkin art for kids

Every season we enjoy setting up an artistic project, Autumn seems to spur our creative ideas from all the interesting leaves ablaze with colour, enjoying nature’s very own spectacular firework display of beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. We take inspiration from our surroundings and from other creatives so Chloe gets to explore a number of art techniques.

pumpkin art  from mum in the mad house

We used MUM IN THE MADHOUSE (A lovely creative blogger and online friend of mine) Blog post that inspired Chloe to try oil pastels and hot glue to create her pumpkin art.

pumpkin art with oil pastels

I love how she managed to capture the light across the middle of her pumpkin and she could blend her colours easily without instruction.

pumpkin art

Chloe adores Jennie Maizels the illustrator and we follow her online sketchbook club for ideals for our nature journal. You can see how we have made our first nature journal HERE

autumn leaf painting

Home education has allowed my daughter to express herself through her art and I'm glad that I can help facilitate her passions and pursue her interests.

autumn leaf project

We always have a nature bowl filled with our latest finds, It's a firm family favourite past time to go out for a walk and collect nature's treasures. Just like our Conker collecting day out and our recent trip to Brighton.

autumn leaves

I think incorporating the outdoors, indoors is very important, Chloe always feels at ease with nature and much calmer, add art in to the equation and she is on cloud 9.

nature art project

We always sit together and we can spend a few hours painting and drawing sometimes in complete silence and sometimes we chat away, the bond between me and Chloe grows stronger day by day and I'm so thankful that we were able to change our lifestyle to how it is today.

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