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Two years ago this would have been a different story, two years ago everything changed, two years ago we decided to home educate, two years ago I finally woke up and lived!

This is our story about a family who decided to venture out and try something new, who changed their way of living for their child to cope in a world of misunderstanding. This is our story of finally going out into the wild.

Wild about our adventures and wild about sharing them.

From the creators behind Chloe me just me - kid youtuber website , Tracey shares the bits in between of their creative online life.

"So many readers wanted to know more about our home education journey, so now they can be part of it"

Now readers can be more involved by educating, encouraging and exploring with our magazine modules, following educational and wonderfully wild topics.

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About Me

Hi I am Tracey - A full time mother, wife, carer, home-educator, blogger, online magazine editor and kid youtuber manager (yep I am all of those things!) Just over 2 years ago I gave up my dream job role of running my own and successful etsy business and craft magazine contributor to home educate my daugher, due to lack of support, facilities and help for her high functioning autism and PDA and have never looked back! My decision to give so much up meant I gained more in return.... my daughter back, our lives and a new way that we perceive the world and live.

After writing a creative blog for 9 months (now re-branded for Chloe's youtube antics) I felt there was something missing a way to document our amazing memories we were making. Wild lived is now a curated collection of our personal stories, featuring snippets from our home educating life, our wild adventures from days out and holidays, sharing how we nestle into our home with interior ideas and crafts to family recipes we would love to part with you.

I love photography and filmmaking, I am no means an expert but they have become a passion of mine, I love that I am learning a new skill in my mid thirties and I'm enraptured by it. Being creative is just who I am and it will always shine through with what activities I partake in and show here, it is part of me and I love the freedom I now have to experiment with my creativity.

As part of our home education journey I have been creating educational modules for my daughter, making sure learning is exciting, wild and wonderful I am now happy to announce that we can share them with you. Make sure to subscribe for updates of new magazine module releases.


Chloe is my best friend as well as my daughter, her constant positive happy mood continues to keep my spirits high, our bond is very strong and I love being with her so much. I am learning new things everyday with Chloe not just from our home education but just from her, how to be yourself and keep going. For a 9 year old she is much wiser beyond her years. She has severe anxieties due to her PDA but since home educating and changing our lifestyle her confidence has grown and she has her amazing sparkle back! We are now able to venture out into the wild and now the possibilities are endless! Chloe is also a kid youtuber, blogger and young social influencer you can follow her fun loving personality via her: WEBSITE , INSTAGRAM , FACEBOOK , TWITTER and PINTEREST.

Mr Wild may be camera shy, but he has been our rock, he holds our family together like glue, he has supported my decision to home educate and took on the financial burden that it does bring. My crazy ideas and Chloe's for that matter, he never seems faulted by what we do, he constantly tells us how proud he is. We met in university whilst studying for an animation degree, we started as friends and left as a couple, I followed him when we graduated as I couldn't bare a day without him 16 years on we are still here together plus one.

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